PowerslaveFounder, musician, trader (United Kingdom)

PuniOrganizer, blog-/webmaster, graphician, programmer (Norway)

AlienTechProgrammer (Italy)

AngelProgrammer (Sweden)

BlackbeardMusician, editor, trader (Greece)

Emufr3akProgrammer (Switzerland)

HarrisonGraphician (United Kingdom)

Hukka – Musician, programmer (Finland)

JeanoMusician (Norway)

Lonewolf Programmer, raytracer (United Kingdom)

Maze Musician (Norway)

NeuteKProgrammer, musician (Norway)

RebbProgrammer, musician (Finland)

RumrunnerProgrammer, editor (Norway)

Spitfire – Programmer, graphician, IRC-master (South Africa)

Note: We are currently looking for more members, so if you’re interested in the Amiga and want to become part of our crew, please contact us. 🙂