15th of July 2018:

  • We released an Amiga 64K intro called “We Love C” at Solskogen 2018. Our musician NeuteK participated in the Newschool Music Competition with the song “Enter Bar“.

3rd of July 2018:

  • Void and Nukleus released the 8th issue of Versus, the chartmag, for Amiga and AmigaOS 4. Grab classic version here and AmigaOS 4 here.

3rd of April 2018:

  • Void released 5 Amiga productions at the Revision demo party in Germany! You can find them here.

29th of December 2017:

  • Void released an AGA demo called “Bern Parties Again” at the Under Construction party in Germany. Download it here.

9th of December 2017:

  • Angel/Void has released a fixed and final version of the Absolute Dølle 2 music-disk for AmigaOS 4.x. Grab it here!

21st of October 2017:

  • We released an intro called “7 Ate 9” at the RetroKomp / LoadError demo-party in Poland. We also released a music-pack called “Applejack Pack 2” with music by Maze/Void at this event.

8th of October 2017:

  • Maze joined as musician in Norway. Welcome to the team!

30th of September 2017:

  • Emufr3ak joined as programmer in Switzerland. Welcome to Void!

16th of July 2017:

  • We released three new productions at the Solskogen 2017 demo party in Flateby, Norway. One Amiga demo (It Never Sleeps), one Amiga intro (Horten Moss Ferry) and one AmigaOS 4 music-disk (Absolute Dølle 2).

4th of June 2017:

  • AlienTech joined as programmer in Italy. Welcome to the team!

31st of December 2016:

  • Void and Nukleus released issue 7 of Versus! Thanks to all for the great work! Grab it here!

20th of December 2016:

  • We released a small Christmas intro on the 19th of December 2016. It’s called Xmas Lights and was coded by Angel.

17th of July 2016:

  • Void has released a new intro called VOD together with Candle at Solskogen 2016. Grab it here: VOD

16th of July 2016:

  • Void will participate in various competitions at the Solskogen 2016 demo party in Norway. Releases will be uploaded on Sunday.

8th of June 2016:

11th of May 2016:

  • Lonewolf joined as coder and raytracer in the UK

28th of April 2016:

  • Spitfire joined as coder and graphician in South Africa

22th of April 2016:

  • Hukka joined as coder and musician in Finland

20th of April 2016:

  • Rebb joined as coder and musician in Finland

19th of April 2016:

  • NeuteK joined as coder and musician in Norway

18th of April 2016:

  • Angel joined as coder in  Sweden

15th of April 2016:

  • Harrison joined as graphician in the UK

5th of April 2016: