Thanks for visiting the homepage of Void. Here you’ll find the latest news concerning the group, releases, memberlist and so forth.

We have a couple of openings in the group, so if you are an Amiga enthusiast that loves being creative, please get in touch. 🙂

2nd of December 2018: We released the Amiga demo “Green Heat” and the Amiga intro “Hole in Space” at Compusphere 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden. mAZE participated in the Chiptune competition with the song “Hekken til Fru Lund” and aNACHRONiST competed with his Dreams 27 ASCII-logo in the ASCII competition.

November 2018: aNACHRONiST joined as ASCII-artist, graphician and sysop in the USA! Welcome to Void!

August 2018: Strife joined as coder in Norway! Welcome!

July 2018: We released an Amiga 64KB intro at Solskogen 2018 called “We Love C“. Our musician NeuteK competed in the Newschool Music Competition with the tune “Enter Bar“.

July 2018: Void and Nukleus released the 8th issue of Versus, the Amiga chartmag, for classic Amiga and AmigaOS 4!

April 2018: Void released several Amiga productions at the Revision 2018 demo party in Germany. 2 64KB intros, 2 boot intros and 1 regular intro.

December 2017: Void released an Amiga demo called “Bern Parties Again” at the Under Construction party in Germany. Download it here.

December 2017: Angel/Void has released a fixed and final version of the Absolute Dølle 2 music-disk for AmigaOS 4.x. Grab it here!

* October 2017: We released two new Amiga productions at the RetroKomp /LoadError demo-party in Poland. “7 Ate 9” (intro) and “Applejack Pack 2” (music-pack).

* October 2017: Maze joined as musician in Norway!

* September 2017: Emufr3ak joined as programmer in Switzerland!


By Rabl/Void